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We have the necessary and specialized legal support that the customs activity requires to provide legal security in the operations of our customers.

Customs processes are governed by very different legal bases, such as Laws, Regulations, General Foreign Trade Rules, Official Mexican Standards, among others. In virtue of this, Corporativo Aduanal Robles, S.C. has the necessary and specialized Legal Support that the customs activity requires to give legal security in the operations of our clients.

Experienced and renowned lawyers lead our Legal Department, who provide advice to our clients under the principles of prevention, correction, immediate attention and specialization.


We offer legal services in customs matters that go beyond the simple process of dispatch, we attend cases such as:

A) Act of Beginning of Administrative Procedure in Customs Matter.

B) Writ of Facts or Omissions or also called irregularities.

C) Writings of Facts or Omissions issued by the Central Administration of the Foreign Trade Regulations of the General Administration of Customs, related to the ignorance of the origin of the merchandise, derived from inconsistencies in the procedure of verification of origin contemplated in the different treaties international trade.

  • Defense of issues related to the verification procedures of the origin of the products related to the different free trade agreements.

  • Applications for tariff classification of sensitive products, before the SAT, such as: chemicals, footwear, toys, textiles.

  • Advising on the new certification schemes.

  • Legal guidance to meet requirements and electronic audits of the SAT.

In Corporativo Aduanal Robles, S.C. We offer free training courses, given after important changes in laws and regulations such as Foreign Trade, which is published every year.

We also offer tailor-made trainings and according to your particular requirements in different customs issues, which guarantee that your foreign trade areas are always up-to-date on customs and logistics issues.